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Out of reasons I went to my favorite pub here in Braunschweig, which is the Gearbox. We talked about working abroad, favorite countries and later cities in Germany. Kora mentioned Rostock as a nice, cute place to be, with nothing else around. So I remebered the Titanic cover with the drunken Nazi and the burning new buildings years ago. Which lead us to the question why right winged ideas found such a fruitful place like eastern Germany. My opinion on that is: There were only 2 differnet ways to show opposition, to be anti in former GDR (East Germay): 1st, behave asozial, punk-like; 2nd, behave right winged against the offizial anti-facist manifest.  So, there were a huge amount of Nazis in GDR, went to public after wall falls. A second visitor mentioned Ingo Hasselbach, early leader of FAP I think and then went public after leaving facist scene in the 90ies. I could remember the FAP headquarter at Weitlingstrasse in Berlin-Lichtenberg very good, dangerous times by then.

After the Gearbox I had the chance to watch Die Piloten, a movie about an art project of Christoph Schlingensief. Both the director Cordula Kablitz-Post and the cutter attended the screening and were available for a discussion afterwards.

The movie itself is a uncertain mix of documentation, and, uh, a movie. Not clear to me, and obviously not for the director. “We just started and looked what happened. It is so interesting that life could not be planed.” Bull shit! Once Schlingensief teached at the local University of Arts. I suppose that half of the audience (maybe 80 in total) is studying there. So, non reflective feedback, all great, and nice, and so avantgarde. “The true moment, while he is talking with his dying father” etc.

After a while of discussions a woman mentioned that it is totaly ill to praise a guy who is using disabled people for useless art projects, who is using the dying of his father to feed a überflüssig (needles) movie, who shows no truth at all, but only a masquerade.

At this very moment everyone, and I mean everyone in the theater, the audience, the moderator, both director and cutter, formed a single front against that woman. That she’s not able to understand, to be too dump for a advanced genius etc. Astonishing. Additional, as they all saw different layers of reflection about talk shows, and the media etc.


Written by Rayk Fenske

March 7, 2009 at 12:46 pm

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