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Some weeks agoI periodically went to the indoor pool, swim there for an hour, try to finish 2000 meters. To do so I need to drive around 20 minutes (think costs of fuel) and pay 3,50€ entrance fee. I feel better afterwards and think that this is good for my condition for the starting cycling season.

Since last week things changed dramtically: For the preparation of our garden building worker put a big mound of soil on our ground and my job is to spread it around. Hard work, I love the feeling of being physical exhausted after some hours of shovel work, move the barrow around, rake the soil to a plain area etc.

To do better I bought my own and first barrow:

My yellow barrow

My yellow barrow

It’s quite small with 85 litres, but enough for me. Today they added much more soil, and tomorrow even more. Weekend is save! I only need to leaf the house, collect my tools and … SHOVEL TIME!

So, I started thinking about a manager coaching with gardening work. Co-ordinated decissions, ability to work in a team, do not so high valued work (like moving dirt around). Planting things and take over responsibilty. They would pay a lot for setting up my ground. Nice, keep thinking …

One small song lyric:

Meine Muskeln sind Maschinen, Sehnen stählern, Schweiss wie Öl.

Schmutz und Dreck sind wahre Arbeit, Schmerz und Tadel wahrer Lohn!

(Die Krupps)


Written by Rayk Fenske

April 1, 2009 at 8:20 pm

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