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closer, or: the association pattern

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I’ve choosen the album Closer by Joy Division to help me doing the dishes late night. As some may know the first track at least on the CD version is Atrocity Exhibition. Which is in fact the title of a book, or novel, or a collection of fragments by J. G. Ballard. Of whom I’m a big fan. Or more precise: I’m a big fan of a movie based on one of Ballards books called Crash. I suppose that the main idea of the novel Crash is outlined in the same named chapter of Atrocity Exhibition. (Split 1: Even if issued in 1970 one of the most known editions may be the one released by RE/SEARCH magazine in 1990 (This is no Wikipedia knowledge, I own this stuff; thanks to Berlins best comic store “Grober Unfug”, the original one, not the copy at Weinbergstrasse). What makes this edition special is the preface by William S. Burroughs, whoms writting I adore most.) One of the protagonists in Crash (the movie) is young James Spader, who later entered the big screen with another movie on sexual obessions: Secretary. (Split 2: Another movie staring James Spader is … Pretty In Pink, with the by than very cute Molly Ringwald) (Split 3: … staring … Spader is: Less Than Zero, a movie based on the same titled novel by Bret Easton Ellis. You may guess, he is one of my preferred american writers. Good about him: Still alive, a minute of silence for Ballard and Burroughs for now … Thanks! Other books by him developed into movies are my all time favorite American Psycho and Lunar Park (currently in post production, to be released in 2011, imdb knowledge)) (Split 4: The main character in American Psycho is well known Pat Bateman, represented in outstanding manner by Christian Bale. I love this guy, and the movies he is doing. Preferred one is The Machinist. I’m looking forward to see the new Terminator staring him as grown up John Connor) (Split 5: A friend of mine had the cover of American Psycho as oil painting on his walls. A gift by his sister, sick family I suppose, but they know each other well. Greetings to Eddy!) (Split 6: Another actor in American Psycho is Justine Theraux, who played a leading role in Mulholland Drive. This movie was directed by David Lynch, one of my most preferred directors.  I eat everything done by him. BTW: This movie was the break through for up to than unknown Naomi Watts, cutie) Crash itself was directed by David Cronenberg, who also directed the movie version of Naked Lunch, a book of whom? Burroughs himself. Totally not connected, but in my mind now is the movie Strange Days, directed by Katheryn Bigelow, who also did, what a suprise to me, Wild Palms (WP seems to me like Twin Peeks in a different time. Ok, the story differs too, but in my memory not the way it is told; just ordered the DVD), one of the few and with respect to others the best Cyberpunk stuff ever produced. She seems to be addicted to CP. On Strange Days she had support by James Cameron, who, beside Titanic, was also the writer of the Terminator series (1 to 3, and the Sarah Connor Chronicles, now on my amazon wish list).

Good night!


Written by Rayk Fenske

June 14, 2009 at 9:14 pm

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