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terminator, or: the mashup pattern

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Yesterday I watched the new Terminator movie. I expected a lot due to the appearance of Christian Bale, and the information that the intention was not to create another sequal.
The story itself is setup in year 2018, skynet took over control over the planet, machines everywhere hunting human beings. A small resistance is trying to stay alive and fight the machines. So far, so good. I do not expect more for a Terminator movie, just metal and fights and high-tech gear and wired machines and stuff like. I do not expect pregnant woman, silent kids, pimps in deserts, lousy dogfights. I do not have the need to see every single hair of John Connors beard, to have digitally pimped close ups of each and every detail. Most annoying was the ending, “this battle was won, but not yet the war” is indicating that we will have some more Terminator movies. I suppose that there are plans for “Skynet Africa”, “Skynet Asia”, “Skynet Europa”, and “Skynet Moon”. Something must happen with the not yet born child of Connors wife. To the mashup. I indicated

  • The single child from Mad max
  • Matrix look-a-like action (motor cycle) and beasts (the snake like machines used for frequency test)
  • Tank lorry again from Mad max
  • Love affair between human and hybrid machine from Alien IV
  • Other stuff from the Alien movies, not exactly sure what
  • face 2 face converstation (including cloes up) at the hole from 300.

What eles? I, puh, I mean, it is a Terminator movie, so their is an acceptable level of logical holes, ok, and time traveling could not be explained without pradoxia. Thats for that, but why do machines build machines to move and act like human beings? Two legs and arms is the most uneffective way to move around. Only two guns? Hu, they want to eliminate human race. Why keep priosoners? The future father Kyle, got the point, but all the others? As a shield to prevent resistance from droping bombs on the skynet HQ?

I was totaly disappointed, but will rate 2 stars as, hmm, I like Terminator anyway. More details at: imdb


Written by Rayk Fenske

June 21, 2009 at 11:31 am

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