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BW306, 1st day

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Ok, yesterday was the first day of my BW306 driven one week stay in Berlin, the place of my origin. To say so. BW306 is a SAP course treating advanced reporting capabilities. Period.

On that first evening I visited – as the good son I am – my parents. In their garden. Which is – how to say? – off site. From a geopolitical perspective it is in town, but far, far away. So, diner there, back into town, visiting my former Stammkneipe (prefered pub) Chagall. Lutz not there, good for this day. Around 11pm I walked back, but couldn’t resist to head for Oranienburger Straße. At Cafe Cinema I decided to watch Berlin Calling later (quater to 12pm). To skip the remaining 30 minutes I helped myself another beer, 4th this night, took place outside and watched. And skribbled down thoughts. At this stage I do not offer any details about the thoughts I had regarding the Bordsteinschwalben, monetary transfer using credit cards, and where the card reader could be situated. Into the movie, fetch another beer. Then:

Berlin Calling is about an DJ outstanding well played by Paul Kalkbrenner, himself a DJ too, drug abuse, bad pills, relations in this jet set age, door woman, good music etc. Later point worked well in the theater, good sound IMHO. The club scenes were shoot at real locations (Maria am Ostbahnhof), one could listen to good electronica or minimal with the sun rising in the background, smiling people, things alike. Atmosphere is transported very, very well. Kalkbrenner over acted a little while under psycohological treatment, some scenes seem like fiction to me, but the overall rating is a 4 stars. Very good.

Back to the hotel, into bed at 2am, some TV to calm down.


Written by Rayk Fenske

June 23, 2009 at 1:37 pm

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