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Thanks to ThisWaste I simply wanted to try out Overtone. Nothing easier than this. Realy? Distribution is done via GitHub. No clue what this is. So download this. Normal installation. Haven’t edited path variable in years. Ah, it is a good moment to mention that I’m dealing with a Windows system. Anyway. git installed! overtone cloned onto local machine! Now setting up the project by using… lein. What? Leiningen, a tool of which its added value I’m currently not aware of. And the windows distribution in form of a zip file does not what I expected. So, I’ll give the stand alone jar file a chance. But that later. And what for? Music and sound. And I didn’t even started with the SuperCollider installation.

I was used to this by stuff by then, but moving out of IT department let me struggle with this. Heavily.


Written by Rayk Fenske

October 9, 2011 at 6:57 pm

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