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Ruby and me – II

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Nearly a month passed by, and I tried to handle Ruby and especially Ruby on Rails. A lots of books were bought of which I would like to recommend some later. I thought about the design of my application and some way to early about databases or storage at all. I came across neo4j, a popular graph database. Without recognizing the license model I moved from Ruby to JRuby, uninstalled and installed lots of software and fiddled around with the gem tool and different versions of gems and dependencies etc. After a private workshop and on-paper design, or more sophisticated JSON design, I’m back at pure Ruby. And I’m back with a pimped system. Due to a helpful hint (Thanks to 40bits) I installed JetBrains RubyMine, which is stunning. Without any knowledge, but the helpful resources now at hand, I managed to set up an application (easy), set up some data structures (easy easy) and access them in a meaningful way (not so easy anymore). Yesterday I stopped because I have no idea of how to navigate through the application. Which is wrong. I have an idea, but no clue of how to implement. So, I’ll spent my vacation on implementing the Depot Application from “Agile Web Development wit Ruby on Rails”. Updates to come!


First of all there was and is “Agile Web Development wit Ruby on Rails” by Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, and David Heinemeier Hansson from the Pragmatic Bookshelf. It is a helpful and not to deep introduction into Rails concepts, Ruby conventions, and into an example application, which covers most of the topics one will face. It’s well written, nearly a page turner.

Second one is an introduction into NoSQL databases (only German title at hand): “NoSQL – Einstieg in die Welt nichtrelationaler Web2.0 Datenbanken”. Cryptic. By Stefan Edlich, Achim Friedland, Jens Hampe, Benjamin Brauer, and Markus Brückner; published at Hanser. The many authors may give a hint about the content. Various types of NoSQL databases are covered, and for each type many databases or vendors introduced. One will get a quick overview what’s on the market, which integration is provided. And how to use it by example code written in Java, Python or… Ruby.


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December 19, 2011 at 10:40 am

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