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Out of any context I thought about my audio integration again. What I have is an old-fashioned turntable, a not so old-fashioned CD player and a very old receiver. Additional I would like to stream music from iTunes or iPhone wireless. First idea was to keep the old receiver as well as the two players and add an AirPort Express station to that setting. But my real aim is to reduce boxes. So airplay enabled receivers came in my mind. Major vendors like Denon, Marantz or Pioneer are offering such, but in most cases those are A/V receivers. Which is something I do not want to install. Video is video and audio is audio and both settings have at least a spatial difference. I’ve heard about a while, but came across again during my small research. The TEAC CR-H700. This is what it offers:

  • Analog audio tuner
  • Internet radio
  • Integrated CD player
  • Dedicated phono connectors
  • Airplay

Due to its integration there is AUX connections left, so I could reactivate the tape deck again. Or not. I’ll rerun this research by then, but it seems that this receiver does exactly what I want it to do.


Written by Rayk Fenske

December 26, 2011 at 12:39 pm

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