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“Be careful about the volume, this CD was recorded on a very high level, so reduce volume amount for the beginning.”


“Really, it’s better for your ears. And my headphones.”

I took place in a comfy chair, put the CD into the player, reduced volume as advised, put on the headphones, pressed play. And was washed away by a still loud wave of pure noise.

The CD was the The Japanese/American Noise Treaty, a 2 CD compilation of furious noise and power electronics from Japan and America. Outstanding compilation, hard to listen to, but always a pleasure.

The year was 1995 and the place are macabre, a Rostock based record store by then.

They had everything, which was of my interest, all the industrial and neo folk records, all the limited releases with the ever special packaging from Staalplaat or CMI (sadly enough, but this label is also gone). They got a tattoo and piercing studio attached. In times when both of it was not so popular and received so well as it is now. They moved within Rostock. And now (or for a while) they are gone. Just gone.


This picture was taken 27th of December 2015 at the address associated with are macabre on the internetz. No record store there, just a Kindergarden and something similar.

And that’s what happened to most of the places I was aware of to get the records I’m looking for. And to do a sort of walk-by shopping, just discover new stuff more accidentally. There is no Hörsturz in Nürnberg anymore, only, hopefully, mail order. The small shop at Mainzer Straße, Berlin is long, long gone. As well as the Dense Recored Store (what a los, they led my actively to Burial long before it became hottest shit, just because of the stuff I bought there). And the record section at the Neurotitan shop also has seen better times.

There are dedicated record shops for techno or all kinds of electronic music. But what I’m really looking for, at least in big cities, is something like are macabre. A store dedicated to the more obscure and bizarre genres of music. Help me!

This was not only a record store. It was a great place to talk and to discover. And not only new bands, but magazines or concerts to took place. They as well organized a lot of concerts at MS Stubnitz. Some of them I’ll never forget!

Gone, all gone. Or hidden, somehow.

Luckily, there is a small, lovely record store here in Braunschweig: Riptide, with an cute little cafe attached to it. A place I like to visit now and then, scan the new arrivals, have a beer and a chat with the owners. I love it to be in a store, to see things, to talk about records with other customers. Sit there, read, drink and get into the right mood for music.

And for the records I really want I for now order them directly from the artists. It’s working well, but needs some energy to stay up to date. Maybe this changes in the future.


Written by Rayk Fenske

January 1, 2016 at 4:29 pm

Posted in music

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