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During my drift into the digital world, and throwing away physical goods like papers and books, I try to collect the electronically accessible versions of such documents. Here we have an more or less unsorted list.

Research / FAQ’s / Zines / etc.

Core sites

Within the list of linked papers some of the core sites (there from the beginning) are hidden. For me these are:

Stories / Short stories

  • The essential: Bruce Sterling’s Canon of Cyberpunk literature and related Magazines and Secondary literature (and yes, I owned most of this)
  • Now a interesting one: Agrippa by William Gibson (again different location as user kendall does not host his stuff at; but where?)
  • A Bit About Bio Works (Part I, Part II) by Tranquility
  • Short story server: The Tea Bowl

Written by Rayk Fenske

January 2, 2010 at 7:56 pm

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